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A lot of factors can be used to determine the quality of a sales lead. For example, is the lead information accurate and complete? Is the prospective client in a 'buying mode' or just 'kicking tires'? Can the potential client actually afford your product or service? And so on.

All of these criteria are beyond the company's or sales person's ability to control.

But what about factors that the sales person CAN control that determine the quality of a lead?

How Fresh is that Sales Lead?

There is one area where sales people have absolute ability to influence the quality of the sales lead. That is 'freshness'. From the moment the prospect hits 'Submit' on the lead form, that lead starts getting stale. Yup, every single minute that goes by and the sales lead gets a bit stinkier.

Don't believe it? Check out the sources at the bottom.

From this we know that 23% of companies don't contact their prospects at all. At Experienced we strongly encourage our clients to call their sales leads!

Research shows that companies that call the sales lead back within 1 hour of receipt are 60 TIMES more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a decision maker as companies that waited 24 hours or more.

And amazingly, the odds of contacting a prospect was 100 TIMES higher if called in the first 5 minutes versus 30 minutes. This makes sense because the person searching for your solution is probably still searching for the same solution if you call them within 5 minutes of receiving their sales lead.


So there you have it, statistical proof on why you should call your sales leads back as fast as possible. For reference, 26% of companies call their sales leads back within FIVE minutes. Now that's a milestone to try and beat!

37% of companies call their leads back within one hour, and 53% call leads back within 24 hours.

So next time you think a sales lead can wait until you finish a few admin tasks think again! Call your sales leads NOW!