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Manage Sales Leads With Pipedrive

In a previous post we looked at the importance of managing sales leads with a CRM, but we didn't make any recommendations. A reader reached out to request some CRM suggestions. We'd rather not make any recommendations because the best CRM for your situation is very much dependent on the scale and work flow of your company. It's a personal decision, but what we can do is outline some of the reasons we use Pipedrive .

Low Cost Sales Lead Management

Keeping your sales leads organized shouldn't be expensive. A CRM is basically just a database where you store your contact information. Some CRMs are very visually appealing, but at the end of the day a CRM is just a way to reproduce your own data, so the price shouldn't be too high.

Also, high cost CRMs tend to have a lot of features that are important for larger organizations, but seldom ever used by smaller firms.

Pipedrive probably isn't the cheapest CRM available, but at $12 per user per month (May 2015) it's well priced for organizations of most sizes.

Mobile Sales Lead Access

These days, many CRMs will offer a some kind of app that can be used on Android & iOS, and Pipedrive is no exception. Having mobile access to client information when you are traveling to sales meetings saves a lot of pre-meeting preparation time. The app itself is well designed and navigation to a section of your sales pipeline only requires a swipe in either direction. You can update individual deal details easily. And we like that you can make calls, emails, and SMS without navigating outside the app.

Flexible Sales Lead Set Up

Not every company has the same way of managing sales leads. This is a problem for CRM developers because they want to make their product flexible to fit a wide range of users, but still make their product easy to set up. The results are usually mixed and many CRM are simply too difficult to get started using.

Pipedrive does a very nice job of blending flexibility with ease of set up. Out of all the CRMs we looked at, it was probably the easiest one to modify and get started using on day one.

It only takes a few minutes to restructure your pipeline from this:

sales leads in Singapore


To this:

Lead Generation in Singapore

Focused and Sophisticated

The best CRM is the one that gets used.

If your CRM is lacking features then you won't use it because it doesn't do the job. But at the same time, if there are too many features you run the risk of being overwhelmed. Ironically, too many bells and whistles can be a bigger enemy to CRM adoption than too few features.

Pipedrive does a nice job of including what's needed, and dumping the extra stuff that only hard core CRM enthusiasts (is that a thing?) use. Sales leads get entered on the far left side of the deal screen, and as they progress, they are gradually dragged and dropped towards the right side.

Is it Perfect?

There's no such thing as a perfect CRM, only the one that is right for the way you do business.

Pipedrive has lots of minor things that don't quite work the way we expect them to, but none of them are deal killers. Pipedrive is worth a look for most organizations simply because it is easy to use, affordable, and has an attractive design. The end result is a high level of CRM adoption, which should be a primary goal for any organization.