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Profitable Leads Start With Intent

There are 3 common types of sales leads that you might purchase to drive new business revenue:

  • Intent driven leads
  • Telemarketing appointments
  • Demographic buyer lists

Unfortunately for lead buyers, only one type of lead will actually move the dial on your sales revenue, and keep you sane in the process. Let's briefly look at each type of lead.

Profitable Leads Require Buyer Intent

The gold-standard of lead development is intent driven leads. This is Experienced's area of expertise. These types of leads are developed using search engines to capture user intent at the exact time that they have a problem.

For example, if you are a website-video maker, then you want to meet CEO's who are looking to develop a new video for their website. With intent driven leads, the CEO will go to a landing page and enter their contact details to speak with you about your website video solutions.

Here's why marketing to people that have expressed their specific interest produces profitable leads:

  • You know they have a specific problem that you are qualified to solve.
  • The problem is usually immediate and they are looking for help NOW.
  • The person searching for solutions is usually involved in the decision process.
  • It's easy to get meetings and calls returned – they contact YOU.
  • When the client reaches out to you for help you are automatically positioned as an expert in your field.

Telemarketing appointments

When you first consider how to source sales leads for your company, you can't deny the appeal of working with a telemarketing company. In many cases they'll promise you as many relevant meetings as you could possibly handle. It sounds great, doesn't it!?

Unfortunately the reality of the situation is a bit different. When you think about it, the people calling to make the appointment are being compensated for every meeting they book, irrespective of how interested the prospect is in your services. This ends up in you going to a ton of meetings where the prospect never really wanted to meet with you in the first place – they just got pressured into agreeing to a meeting. You spend a lot of time, a lot of money and sadly, these probably won't turn out to be profitable leads for you.

Here are some of the problems with telemarketing generated leads:

  • It's an imposition. If you aren't looking for the problem that the telemarketer is aiming to solve, then they've just wasted your time. People don't like that, and they won't be any happier when the telemarketer calls back the next time
  • It's expensive! A good outsourced telemarketing program costs a bundle and it's coming out of your pocket.
  • Cold calling regulations are constantly evolving towards stricter rules. With Singapore DNC rules in place telemarketing may not even be viable in a few short years.
  • Telemarketers can reach your entire prospective client base in just a few short days or weeks. That's also how long it takes to destroy your reputation in your industry. Being able to achieve wide reach in a short period of time isn't a good thing if your approach is turning prospective clients off.

Demographic Lists

A demographic list is a list of names and contact information for prospective clients that fit the 'best buyer' model for your clientele.

With the advent of Do Not Call (DNC) rules in Singapore, buying this kind of list is a form of professional suicide.

The list developers may know who is on the Do Not Call Registry when it is first developed, but are they updating the list for you daily? One wrong call can result in a fine upwards of S$10,000, and the maximum possible fine is S$1 million.

Combine that with the fact that your list is nothing more than a phone book, and well, buyer beware!!